About The Rose Beyond

The Rose Beyond


The year is 1897.  Inevitability comes calling to the Washington, D.C. home of Sir Ian Hargrove, his wife Elsbeth, and their daughter Arielle in this historical romance novel.  Life's ambiguities and long-held secrets converge to embrace the power of the individual and test the resilience of relationships.

   A  long-buried indiscretion melded with misplaced devotions threatens the stability of the Hargrove family and tests the strength of their bond.  One woman, Alexandra Whitaker, is hell-bent on sabotaging their foundation as the tumultuous mix of passion, obsession, love, and loss forge her resolve.

    Discoveries from across the ocean, led by shopkeeper and detective Morgan Pennybacker, accompanied by her assistant Agnes Fielding, and parakeet Peepers, portend to unhinge everything the family patriarch has worked so diligently to protect.  The compassion and wisdom of a dowager confidante and her handsome nephew William Clay bring stability to the vicarious parameters established by death as one woman's passing brings new hope, love, and transformation to the residents near and within Emma Willard's beloved estate Chestnut Heights.  

From Wales, to England, to the U.S. capital...

The Rose Beyond is a fragrant reminder of the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of love.


About Beyond the Rose

Beyond the Rose


Sequel to The Rose Beyond

Mystery, old family secrets, misaligned love, and loss collide with inevitability in this sequel to Sharon Allen Gilder’s novel The Rose Beyond. Vivid characters with ties to England and Wales abound in Beyond the Rose, a historical romance novel set in 1898 in Washington, D.C.

Beyond the Rose blooms with the perils of unrequited love while a labyrinth of lies and secrets threaten to destroy the household of forbidding patriarch Sir Ian Hargrove, his wife Elsbeth, and their daughter Arielle. Immerse yourself in the Hargrove’s ongoing saga where the bonds of love and family, entwined in deceit, betrayal and mistrust are challenged by vestiges of the past.

Emma Willard’s stately mansion Chestnut Heights, her handsome nephew William Clay, and the flaxen-haired Alexandra Whitaker once again figure prominently. A variety of new boarders at the Willard estate include a mystery writer and a man named Sully who discovers a diary that leads him across the ocean from Wales to the United States on a quest to discover his family’s secret past. Private investigator Morgan Pennybacker, her associate Agnes Fielding, and their parakeet Peepers, unravel a tapestry of clues to discover a stunning truth as a time of reckoning spreads like a menacing shadow over the Hargrove’s threshold.

Beyond the Rose tests the strength of family and relationships...

and reminds us

that secrets, unless taken to the grave, always return home.