Book Club Questions


Reader Discussions for The Rose Beyond


  1. What significance does the title, The Rose Beyond, have to the theme of the book?  
  2. Differences in social class do not openly surface in the novel until Arielle travels to Wales. What is the initial reaction when she learns about her mother’s
  3. If the author were to write a sequel to the novel, what events do you believe would transpire in the sequel? 
  4. If the story had taken place during the 21st century, would Arielle have had such a difficult time researching her family background? 
  5. Ian Hargrove is a womanizer and a drinker. What are the motives behind his
  6. What historical information did you glean from this novel? 
  7. To whom does the word “redemption” apply? 
  8. What is the purpose of the bird?

Reader Discussions for Beyond The Rose


1. Is Alexandra truly in love with William or is hers an infatuation with something she can never have?

2. Do you think Alexandra succumbed to her fall? 

3. Did Sir Ian’s loss of Elsbeth soften his character?

4. If Beyond the Rose is made into a movie, who would you want to play William? Arielle? Ian? Emma? Alistair? Morgan? Simon? Peepers?

5. Which parts of the novel made you cry? Laugh?

6. Which character in Beyond The Rose is most like you? Which character would you most like to hang around with?

7. What attributes do you like to see in a woman? In a man?

8. How does Sir Ian Hargrove change during the course of the novel…or does he?

9. Do you think this is the end of Alexandra?

10. Do you believe Alistair’s and Alexandra’s account about Calvin Layton?

11. What element/role does Peepers play in the story?