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Gilder's floridly-written novel takes place mostly in a Washington, D.C. poised to enter the twentieth century, and focuses on the upper-society circles of the Hargrove family and its forbidding patriarch. When disruption enters this family's placid life from the most unlikely quarter -- a tiny village a world away in Wales -- old family secrets are laid bare and all the Hargrove generations must deal with a series of revelations Gilder deploys with a good deal of narrative skill...She layers her story with such lush period color and unabashed emotion that readers will be swept away. Gilder has matched her Whartonesque setting with a Whartonesque narrative tone that she manages to carry off almost to perfection."


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The Rose Beyond has seduced & captivated me! The book is amazing...a must read!


When I started reading The Rose Beyond, I felt like I was sitting down to a lavish, well-thought-out feast where each course is extravagantly planned. 

Truly enjoyable!

Ms. Gilder's novel had me feeling as if I was there in every setting in the book.  Her characters became real as I experienced their feelings and emotions by virtue of Ms. Gilder's vivid descriptions and vocabulary.   

This is a great read!


I am not an avid reader, but I decided to give this book a try.  I was immediately intrigued by the descriptive text.  I felt like I was visualizing every scene...down to the smallest detail.  The book grabbed my attention and held me captive until the end.   

My new favorite novel!


Irresistibly engaging "twists and turns!"  The Rose Beyond is written with lavishly rich prose that envelops and engages the reader from start to finish.  All the personalities and characteristics of the human condition are present in the story's characters and are vivid in the mind's eye by virtue of the author's luscious details compelling one to read each page thoroughly and to feel present in every nuance of this story's evolution of twists and turns and awesome surprise ending!  Throughout reading the book, it kept occurring to me that it is "ready, set, go" to be made into a memorable movie, novel series or television drama series!

Great reading!


I really enjoyed this book.  I think it would make a great movie with the international connections and the characters.  The bird would certainly be a big hit in a movie.

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The Rose Beyond

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